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Building Comprehension

This comprehensive course guides elementary teachers towards confidence and success in their reading comprehension instruction!  Walk away with ideas, strategies, and more, to take your teaching to the next level!

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Teaching reading comprehension is hard!  There are so many different students on different levels, I never knew what to do!

I struggled to plan lessons that met the needs of everyone and that got students to read with meaning and think critically.  
Getting students to think critically, self-monitor, and use reading strategies was difficult!

But through that struggle, I stumbled onto something amazing!

I found a formula that helped me plan meaningful lessons. 
Using these lessons, I was able to successfully guide my students to a level of true comprehension.   

Now it's your turn to find success in understanding and teaching reading comprehension!

What I've learned in the past 10 years of teaching reading comprehension is that it doesn't have to be overwhelming!  You just need the right formula and process to make it happen!

Understanding how to differentiate, asking higher order thinking questions, and giving the right assessments are also part of that formula!

I'm Ready to Build My Students' Comprehension!

I wish every teacher out there knew about Ciera Harris. She is a veteran teacher who loves what she does. I have taken 2 of her workshops and this fact is evident. Her Comprehension Bootcamp enables teachers to keep their students engaged. She provides us with rigorous resources and lesson plans that can be used in our classrooms, immediately. The sessions are pre-recorded so that we can watch them when we have the time. My biggest takeaway was learning the difference between teaching skills and reading strategies. This was a light bulb moment for me. I hope you sign up soon so that you can be a part of this amazing group of educators. I look forward to collaborating with each and every one of you. 

-Helaine Tecks

Making it All Work!

A Formula that Works

In this course, I not only break down what comprehension truly looks like, but also walk you through a step by step formula to teach any reading skill or strategy!

Ready to Use Strategies

You will walk away with an abundance of strategies to use to help students become independent thinkers and build their own level of comprehension.  

Certificate of Completion

A 10 hour certificate of completion is provided at the end of the course to show that you have been trained on reading comprehension instruction.  

I just want share how amazing the Building Comprehension is. The Building Comprehension course offers a tremendous amount of information to help support teachers and their students. After taking the course, I have changed my way of thinking to teach certain concepts or skills. I can’t not wait to take what I have learned and use it in my classroom for the upcoming school year. The course was definitely worth the time and money. 

-Shelly LeFils

3rd Grade, Florida

Building Comprehension Modules

This self-paced course is built to help you succeed in every step of the process. Each module includes videos and downloadable content to help you actually implement what you're learning.

In this module, we will take a look at what comprehension truly looks like from the teacher's perspective and from the student's perspective.  We will identify the most important areas of comprehension and identify an exact formula that you can use in your classroom to plan meaningful lessons.  

In this module, we will be walking through a complete year long reading comprehension pacing guide.  We will discuss the ins and outs of the pacing guide and how it can work for all students and classrooms.  

We will also be taking a deeper look at what whole group and small group reading instruction should look like in order for both teachers and students to succeed.  

In this module, we will be working through 6 different specific reading skills.  These skills include:  main idea, making inferences, cause & effect, plot, characters, and setting.  

In each video we will be discussing important information you need to know to make teaching this skill easier.  We will be using the formula learned in Module One to break down the skill and identify activities you can use in your classroom.  Finally, we will be learning a brand new strategy that you can use with any text to help students become independent with the reading skill in the video!  

This module is identical to Module Three, only with six new reading skills!

In this module we will be covering the reading skills of:  context clues, theme, text features, text structure, point of view, and finally author's purpose.  

Again, each of these will be a separate video with important information on how to teach, activities to help, and strategies to use!  

In this module we will be talking about what differentiation truly is and where it can be implemented in your classroom easily without a ton of extra work for you!

We will also be walking through specific strategies you can use in your lessons to help differentiate for all of your students as well as what to do if you have students who just can't remember what they read!

In this module, we will be discussing the importance of asking higher order thinking questions in your reading comprehension lessons.  We will talk about benefits of open ended questions, how to create powerful open ended questions, and how to tier questions to students during a reading lesson.  

In this module, we will be discussing the ins and outs of different reading assessments that you can use to gather the data you need and want in your classroom.  We will cover how to hold reading conferences with your students, different ways to check for understanding during a lesson, how to help students self monitor when reading, and how to make and use basic paper/pencil assessments as well!  

Because you're all amazing, you're now going to get a BONUS module with SEVEN new videos - all centered around the different reading strategies!  We'll be discussing:

  • visualization
  • making connections
  • asking questions
  • metacognition
  • determining importance
  • synthesizing
  • schema

By joining today, you get this BONUS module, lesson plans, and a 90+ page Reading Strategy Guidebook for FREE!

Want to know exactly how to get your readers to be, well, READERS during those first few weeks of school?  In this module you'll have access to 10 different videos and 30 BONUS lesson plans that will help you start your year off on the right foot!

Over $250 in BONUS materials!

On top of all of the amazing modules and videos, you'll also be receiving over $250 in FREE BONUS materials!  These will be accessible in the individual videos and will be materials you can use right away in your classroom to support your reading comprehension instruction!

Here are some of the bonus materials you'll get:

  • 90+ page Reading strategy guidebook
  • Reading strategy lesson plans and week outlines
  • Master mentor text list
  • Year-long pacing guide
  • 30 'readying your readers' lesson plans
  • and MUCH more!
I Want the BONUS Materials!

Want to snag the course AND the Building Comprehension Hub Membership?

If you are looking to make your life EASIER - take a look! By purchasing the COMBO pack when you check out, you'll get all 17 weeks of reading comprehension units PLUS the course itself. You'll save over $50! Best for 2nd - 4th grade teachers!

Full Weeks of Lesson Plans

Each of the units included have 5 days of FULL lesson plans, including exit tickets!  Each lesson plan has whole group and small group activities that are engaging, unique, and hands on for students!

Print & Go Mini-Lessons

Get your students to show what they know for each reading skill by making an adorable craft!  These are perfect for bulletin boards and practicing the skills in new and unique ways!

Small Group Interventions

Also, each unit includes a ready to use center!  They are low prep and completely support the learning for the week!  Each center helps to hold your students accountable for their learning!

Reading Centers!

ALL of the Building Comprehension Units include digital pieces for the lessons and activities!  You'll have access to the digital pieces at no extra cost! 

  The Boost Comprehension course, with materials, has been a reading instruction game changer for me and my students. The Course modules are engaging and pertinent. It’s so easy to squeeze in a section here or there during my busy days. There is so much research and practical application behind each unit. The Course workbook is the perfect tool to help you dig deep into your reading instruction misconceptions and build a better toolbox for being the best reading teacher you could be.

-Heather D

So Much Information!

There isn't a course out there that includes as much information as THIS course includes.  We cover everything from reading skills and strategies to differentiation and assessment.  Plus by purchasing NOW, you will have access to TWO BONUS modules too!

The “Building Comprehension” course is a treasure-trove of information for teachers!  Ciera shares her wisdom and experience, providing solid background knowledge as well as ready-to-implement ideas for your own classroom.  I’m so excited to put these strategies to work in my classroom.

-Kristie Cocking

3rd grade teacher, MN

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What is holding you back?

I have a curriculum to follow!

Whether you're bound to a curriculum or have freedom to plan, it's VITAL for all teachers to have a solid understanding of how comprehension works.  This course fully supports building that foundation for teachers to help students regardless of the materials they are using.  Put your curriculum to better use by being intentional about the resources you use!

My students are all over the place in reading levels!

Exactly!  What better reason TO take this course!  Comprehension is comprehension regardless at what level students are at.  In this course, we'll learn how to support students of all levels in a manageable way that teachers can handle and that supports research!  After this course, you'll have a more solid understanding of how to support that range of students in your classroom.  

I teach a different grade than you do!

This course is designed for elementary teachers of all grade levels.  We discuss comprehension in a way that the information is applicable to any grade you teach.  It's important that we understand the full spectrum of comprehension in order to help our lowest readers & highest readers.  I have found that teachers in K all the way to 7th grade have enjoyed the course!

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed to support all teachers who teach reading in the elementary classroom setting.  That can include general education teachers, special education teachers, title one teachers, assistants, administrators, and homeschool teachers.  

This course is approximately 15 hours in length, give or take some time depending on how long it takes you to complete the actionable steps (assignments) at the end of each module.  The course is completely self-paced and you have the ability to rewind and rewatch videos as many times as you need!

You will have lifetime access to the course!  Your login information can always be reminded and changed if you forget your password.  

Of course!  I always say having an accountability partner is helpful when taking courses like these!  However, the purchase of the course is for one license/use only.  If you have more than one teacher taking the course, each teacher will need to purchase his/her own license separately.  If you have interest in BULK pricing (5 or more teachers) please email me at [email protected] to discuss discounted bulk pricing.  

YES!  At the end of the course, you'll be asked to take a brief survey.  At the end of the survey, a personalized certificate will be emailed straight to your inbox for you to print and present for 10 hours of professional development course credit work.  

Please note - It is up to your district to approve the course work for your state's licensing.  

Due to the digital nature of these resources, refunds will not be given after 14 days, or if multiple modules have been completed. Please make sure to review all of the materials included before purchasing.

Are you In or Out?

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