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Are you looking to lay a strong reading foundation, put more strategies in your toolbox, and learn how to engage ALL of your readers?

Join HUNDREDS of teachers in this FREE 2-week workshop, where we will cover - step by step - exactly how to ensure that your students are READY to be READERS!

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In this FREE workshop, we will cover...


We will work on and discuss everything a teacher needs to do at the beginning of the year to lay out the groundwork for students to become successful readers!


Walk away with unique and applicable strategies to try in your classroom right away.  These strategies are designed to help your students get the BOOST they need!


Understand where to place your emphasis when teaching?  What really holds the weight when it comes to a readers success?  We will talk about a variety of ways you can make the most impact!

Less than ONE hour a day!

Don't worry!  It only takes 30-45 minutes a day! 

Learn how to ready your readers in this FREE 2-week workshop!

Videos, Lesson Plans, and Support- OH MY!

You'll be amazed at all that is packed into this two-week FREE workshop.  After just 10 days, you will have the key tools you need to make your readers successful from the first day of school.

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In this 10 day workshop, we will cover 10 areas of impact to help your readers be successful and confident.  These topics include:

  • Why Read?
  • Laying the Groundwork
  • Reading Science
  • A Reader's Blueprint
  • A Reader's Perspective
  • The Curious Reader
  • Reading Inquiry
  • Impactful Thinking
  • Meaningful Dialogue
  • Building Persistence  

This workshop will focus on comprehension as it applies to students of elementary ages.  The information and strategies given can be applied in any grade level in elementary (grades K - 5).

The entire workshop will last from July 11th to July 22nd. However, you only need 30-45 minutes a day to cover the material! 

 Each day, we will focus on a topic that is helpful when it comes to getting our readers ready for success.  Participants will receive an email from me with a video discussing important information about the topic of the day.  Also in the email, participants will receive 3 detailed lesson plans and materials related to the topic.  In total, that's THIRTY free lesson plans!

Teachers will be able to watch the videos at ANY time in their own schedule!  

Teachers who complete this FREE training will walk away with a more sound understanding of how they can impact their students' comprehension at the beginning of the school year.  Each day we will discuss something that takes little prep but makes a BIG impact!

In order to receive the 30 FREE lesson plans, participants will need to make sure they are checking their email everyday!  To help make sure emails do not go to spam or promotions tabs, enter my email address as a 'contact' and you should be good to go!  

Many teachers have found that by asking their administration, they have been able to count this workshop as PD hours/credits.  However, I legally cannot provide a certificate as I cannot verify that teachers have or haven't watched the videos.  

The videos are not live, so you can watch them at your own leisure each day.  However, the videos DO expire on Saturday, July 23rd so make sure to stay up to date on them!  

Plus live BONUS trainings and resources!

30 FREE Lesson Plans!

In this free 2-week workshop, you'll walk away with videos and a sound understanding of how to approach your new school year, but you'll also receive THIRTY FREE lesson plans to make the back-to-school season less stressful!

Get free lesson plans each day!  Sign up now and let's make this the year for successful readers!

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I have been an elementary school teacher for 13 years and have spent the last 3 years focusing on perfecting reading instruction.  
I've worked hard to figure out what works and what doesn't when it comes to student comprehension and I can't wait to share all of that with you!
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