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you got an email from me every single month packed with ready-to use comprehension resources?

Does this sound familiar?

Soaking up time out of your prep searching and scrolling.

Passages and materials not connecting with students today.

Materials not aligning to students’ needs or standards.

Not having materials in the moment in which you need them.

Wouldn't it be nice to have filing cabinets filled with ready-to-use resources?

Resources that meet your students' needs

Standards-based activities

Low-Prep resources, ready to use when you need them




The monthly subscription helping 2nd - 4th-grade elementary reading teachers all across the country use purposeful, engaging, and powerful resources by providing them with print and go, research-based printables and activities.

Every month you'll receive over 50 pages of supplemental, skill-focused materials (in print & digital format) to give you everything you need to ignite your reading instruction!

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Each month, you'll receive over 50 pages of resources focused on a specific reading skill or strategy.

  • 5 comprehension passages that are leveled 3 ways - high, on level, and low (15 pages total)
  • 5 mini-lessons
  • A print and go game or reading center
  • 5 reading strategy intervention small group lessons
  • 3 interactive read-aloud lessons and materials
  • A fun craft! 
  • And everything in digital format, too!

Ready to get access to purposeful and engaging comprehension resources every single month?


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No more overspending on TpT and no more time wasted scrolling and searching for the right resources.


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Each month after, your resources will be available on the 1st of the month.  You'll receive an email notification on the 1st reminding you of the new resources.  

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"These lessons allow students to discover the skills in many different ways such as through sorts, highlighting/coloring, and other fun “game” type activities. My students always love the lessons and do well with them. I love the units and use them throughout the year."


- Gwen S.

Want a deeper look at everything that's included?

5 differentiated comprehension passages

Be confident that you can approach your class prepared with on-level reading passages that the entire class can read at once and focus on the same questions together. 

You'll get 5 different passages, each with a high, on-level, and below level option. Passages are designed for 2nd - 4th grade.  Digital options included!

5 pages of mini-lessons

Feel secure in the fact that you have research-based approaches at your fingertips. Each mini-lesson provides a unique look at how to teach and approach the skill/strategy of the month, helps to break down the skill instead of teaching it head-on.  Great for ANY grade as texts are not included.  

5 Small Group Strategy Intervention Lessons

You'll be empowered with specific small-group strategy lessons when the curriculum isn’t enough. Remediation and interventions are two big hiccups in every teacher’s classroom.  Having on-site materials ready to go that focus on a specific strategy and have a lesson plan, modeling page, and a practice page all ready to go helps to ensure that you can pull small groups without spending MORE time researching and planning.

Digital options included!

3 Interactive Read Aloud Lessons and Materials

Using picture books and mentor texts is a very important approach for teaching comprehension. But who has time to create lesson after lesson for each book, let alone KNOW what books are good for which skills? 

These lessons are print and go friendly and provide a step by step approach on everything the teacher needs to do, say, and ask to engage students in a well rounded interactive read-aloud approach to teaching.  Digital pages included!

Print & Go Craft

Engage your readers beyond the lesson and extend learning past the direct instruction.  Keep students learning and practicing with these fun print and go crafts that will focus on the skill of the month.


Fun Game

Finding meaningful reading centers can be time-consuming!  Stop the frustrating scroll with the Ignite Your Readers rigorous and meaningful student-focused games! These games make it easy to plan intentional and purposeful independent and group work.


Hi, I'm Ciera!

I have perfected the formula for reading comprehension and have helped thousands of teachers across the country know and understand just what strong and effective comprehension instruction looks and feels like. 

But even I know that’s not always enough. 

Having materials in hand that are effective and ready to use when YOU need them helps to ensure you can always give your students exactly what he/she needs and when they need it.

"My students are very engaged in the lessons and I can easily adapt the content to meet their needs. I love how they refer to “making connections” and “using my schema.” Thank you for all the work creating these resources."


- Liz P.

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