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The PREMIER online spot for every elementary reading teacher!

The Building Comprehension Hub is your ticket to what you need when you need it!

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Have you ever felt...

Stressed from not knowing which resources to pick from and which will truly help your readers?

Exhausted from the time spent teaching and reteaching over and over again?

Frustrated with the lack of professional development that is meaningless and takes your prep time?

Confused about which best practices truly are the best to use for the students in your classroom?


What if you had UNLIMITED access to meaningful, engaging resources & professional developmentwhen you NEED them?


The hunt is OVER... Introducing The Building Comprehension Hub!

 Teachers need so much support to truly help their students reach their reading potential!  Whether it be through effective teaching strategies, the perfect lesson plan, or finding just the right tweak to perfect your instruction - there's a lot to focus on!  


When you join the Building Comprehension Hub, you'll get access to ongoing training and support, effective and rigorous materials, and so much more to help YOU save your time, energy, and sanity!

In the Building Comprehension Hub you'll have access to:


High performing tier one & tier two resources

Perfect for 2nd - 4th grade!  When teaching reading comprehension, it's not always black and white.  You need resources at your fingertips, ready to use when your students need them!  In the Hub, you'll find everything you could possibly need! New resources dropping each month!


Exclusive & incomparable professional development

Teachers are always yearning for actionable & meaningful PD that doesn't break the bank, gets results right away, and is connected to what THEY want and need to learn about.  In the Hub, you'll find countless resources ready just for you!  New videos dropping each month!


A comprehensive membership that puts YOUR needs first

Whether it's through the open office hours or the online BC Hub Community, you'll find yourself surrounded by support in many different ways.  The evergrowing BC Hub is here to provide guidance, instill confidence, and help get results for your students! 

The right resources mean the growth we want from our students!

In the Building Comprehension Hub, you'll find resources perfect for grades 2-4 that cover 24+ reading skills and strategies including:

  • Weekly lesson plans with small group and whole group materials
  • Assessments & exit tickets
  • Anchor charts, bookmarks, and other visuals
  • Differentiated comprehension passages with text based questions
  • Mini-lessons to help reteach when needed
  • Games and crafts to increase engagement 
  • Interactive read-aloud lessons and materials
  • Step-by-step interventions with modeling and practice pages

Not to mention the fact that new resources and professional development are being added every single month!

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Why is the Building Comprehension Hub for YOU?

Maybe you're tired of always searching for something that will WORK to help your students learn to read... 

Or maybe you have outdated, unengaging resources that even YOU don't enjoy teaching with. 

Maybe it's simply that you're looking for convenience, results, and growth in your career.

Either way, the BC Hub has it all!

Save time & money all while gaining access to the best resources!

  • A GROWING library of resources for 2nd - 4th grade at your fingertips that allow you to customize your lessons & meet each of your student's needs.  Access to tier one and tier two resources when you need them.
  • Long-term support through professional development and office hours allows you to perfect your craft and create the classroom you've always dreamed up.
  • Proven results!  Remember your WHY - we are all here to make a difference in our students' lives.  The materials you're given access to in the BC Hub provide the rigor and engagement your students need to succeed.  
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  • Resources for your students that get results and are fun to teach.
  • Having clear, specific steps to take from meaningful professional development that you WANT to take.
  • A community of like-minded teachers who support, encourage, and welcome one another.
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What's Included?


#1- All Building Comprehension units and supplementary materials

Never worry about stalking TPT for reading comprehension resources ever again!  By being a member of the BC Hub, you get instant access to ALL of my comprehension materials (perfect for 2nd - 4th grade) from now and years to come! 

#2- Access to monthly professional development you can watch anytime!

The best thing about professional development is watching it when YOU want to and on the topics YOU want.  New monthly PD videos will be added as well as my foundational best practices mini-course and other bonus goodies!

#3- Connect with Ciera and other like-minded teachers around the country

Through monthly office hours with me and joining the BC Hub Facebook community, you'll have access to thousands of teachers willing to share, help, guide, and support!

Let's take a look at what's inside

Foundational Best Practices Course

Free for all members!  In three short videos, I will walk you through how to ensure your lessons are top-notch and going to get the results you're wanting!

Ciera Harris Teaching PD Library

Short, actionable videos that focus on targeted areas of reading and literacy.  New videos drop each month, many are there and waiting to be watched right now!

BC Hub Office Hours

Have questions about teaching reading?  Jump into our twice-a-month office hours!  There you'll find me and other teachers enjoying a beverage and chatting about reading!

The BC Hub Gazette

Worried you'll miss out on some of the amazing things we have going on in the BC Hub?  Not to worry!  Each month I will send out a newsletter with highlights and reminders.

BC Hub Freebie Library

Have you ever noticed that I have free resources sprinkled everywhere?  I have them all in one zip file for you ready to download.

All Access Pass to Comprehension

Everything you need to teach reading all in one location.  You have access to all current and future Building Comprehension units (both print and digital) as well as any other comprehension resources I create. Perfect for 2nd - 4th grade!

BC Hub Online Community

We don't have to do this alone! Join our private Facebook community where we keep the conversion going each and every day!  A great place to get your questions answered and acquire new and innovative ideas!

Exclusive Coupon Code

Each month, BC Hub members will receive an exclusive coupon code to use in my online store to help save on other resources they might need!

The Result? 

YOU!  You saving time, energy, and money for not having to search for materials that get results in your classroom.  

YOU!  You growing as an educator and leader in your field.

YOU!  You gaining confidence and focus to ensure the best education for your students.

The Result? 

A custom plan for amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.  ipsum dolor sit amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.

With the confidence and tools to amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.  ipsum dolor sit amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.

How do I know if I'm ready?

Perfect for you if you:

  • Want access to my entire Building Comprehension library of resources now and in the future.
  • Love learning via short, actionable PD videos you can watch when YOU want to watch them.
  • You're overwhelmed by doing this on your own and wish you had someone to bounce ideas off.
  • Want to save time searching and money on resources that don't end up getting the results you need.
  • Love free resources that you don't have to search for or give your email address in return for.

Not for you if you:

  • Enjoy spending time searching for hours just to find a resource you don't enjoy using.
  • Don't feel professional development is worth your time and energy.
  • You teach K-1 or middle grades or higher, with the expectation of special education teachers.
  • You aren't ready to take the necessary steps to move your instruction to the next level
  • You want to keep putting trust in other materials just to be disappointed at the outcome and so you find yourself right back where you started.  
I'm Ready

Wait, what's included again?


Yes, ALL of my Building Comprehension Units!

A growing library of high-quality & engaging comprehension activities to support your students when you need it!


Monthly Professional Development

No need to spend your prep time or lunch break squeezing these in.  The CHT PD Library will always be there waiting and growing with new videos added each month.


Access to Ciera!

Through office hours and our online community you can get your questions answered right when you need them.

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Here's What Others Are Saying...

Renee R. - 3rd grade

I was shocked when I first opened the BC Hub 😳 It will truly be the only place I go now for reading comprehension support.  There's so much there and more coming every month! Truly a dream for elementary teachers!

Katie Q. - 4th grade

I absolutely love that when I go to plan out my lessons or to give a small group, I no longer have to spend time searching - it's all right there for me!  And the support I get from the videos and online community is just outstanding.  I'm so happy to be here!

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The Ultimate reading experience is waiting for you!

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Monthly Offer

$24 monthly

Payment automatically comes out each month

  • Join now to get instant access to the entire BC Hub!
  • A growing library of resources and professional development.
  • Reading support through office hours and a private online community!
  • And so much more!

Buy one year and SAVE!


Get one month FREE for the best value to the Hub!

  • Join now to get instant access to the entire BC Hub!
  • A growing library of resources and professional development.
  • Reading support through office hours and a private online community!
  • And so much more!



Commonly Asked Questions

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